Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning - A Green Option?

More facilities managers understand the benefits green cleaning products can have on their buildings, from minimizing harmful impacts of custodial workers and occupants, to improving IAQ, to helping receive and maintain a green certification.

One way to incorporate green cleaning into your building maintenance is to start as soon as occupants and visitors walk in: with the carpets.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning is a Green Solution

Lonnie McDonald, president of the Low Moisture Carpet Cleaners Association (LMCCA), the nonprofit association for low moisture cleaning, defines green carpet cleaning as a method that:

- Is environmentally friendly or friendlier

- Preserves human health and environmental quality

- Is designed for the environment by EPA standards

- Has an EcoLogo or equivalent standard (e.g. Green Seal, Safer Choice, Design for the Environment)

LMCCA considers low moisture carpet cleaning a green option since compared to a hot water extraction method (i.e. steam cleaning) it uses less moisture and cold water (eliminating the need for power to heat), and requires little HVAC energy for a fast dry time.

A method is low moisture if it has a fast drying time that allows fibers to dry in their natural state in two hours or less at 65% relative humidity and 70 degrees F. This can be accomplished by:

- Using less moisture to clean

- Using absorbent media

- Having higher efficiency vacuums for water extraction

- Increasing the evaporation rate of the carpet

Read more about low-moisture green carpet cleaning here...

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