How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

When was the last time your carpets were cleaned? This is a question we often ask new clients as part of the initial discussion when quoting a carpet cleaning job. Most carpet manufactures recommend having your carpets cleaned at least once yearly as a rough guideline. In homes with children, pets, or carpeted high traffic areas, we recommend having your carpets cleaned every six to nine months. This is especially true in the Charleston heat and humidity which wreaks havoc on carpet fibers when the dirt in the carpet combines with moisture in the air or on shoes to leave a grimy film in carpets.

Carpets are a major investment that require regular upkeep to keep in immaculate condition. Dirty carpets not only look shabby but they also accumulate pollutants from outside that decrease indoor air quality. One way to alleviate dirt and allergen build up is by vacuuming regularly. Establishing a regular vacuuming routine will help remove about 75% of the soil from carpet fibers. We remove the rest, including the allergens and pollutants that latch onto carpet fibers between cleans, by using a combination of agitation and extraction .

How to establish a routine? Within our booking software we offer a recurring booking feature that allows our clients to schedule recurring carpet cleanings anywhere between 6-18 months. Payment is never due until your carpets are cleaned but the recurring appointment is a tool we offer to make our clients lives easier. There is enough to worry about in life. Getting your carpets cleaned regularly is a great way to keep your home in pristine condition with a minimal amount of fuss. We'll also have your carpets dry in under an hour so that you can get on with your day.

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