commercial carpet cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Pegasus Carpet Cleaning offers a variety of services to our commercial clients. We clean everything from commercial glue down carpet to VCT to natural stone and do so in a minimally invasive fashion so that you can return to work in minutes. Our state of the art equipment enables us to utilize a low-moisture approach and is quiet enough that we can operate during business hours if the need arises. We also clean office furniture and upholstery for a healthier overall work environment. We're confident our multi-step system and attention to detail will leave you (and your employees) with a newfound respect for what constitutes a clean working environment. 

Benefits of our carpet cleaning system:

  • Our low-moisture approach keeps your carpets looking better for longer

  • It's gentle on your carpets while removing stains permanently 

  • With low-moisture cleaning you will not experience wicking issues that accompany steam cleaning

  • Dry time is minimal and your staff can return to work minutes after we finish

  • Our process is environmentally friendly and we use no VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)

  • A clean workspace improves your company image and work-force morale

  • Indoor air quality will improve and carpets will be visibly cleaner and brighter

  • Our system adds years to the life of your carpet, saving you money 

  • We use an additive that neutralizes oils and inhibits the attraction of dry soils

  • We stand by our work and will guarantee your satisfaction

Benefits of our tile and stone cleaning:

  • Your floors will look brand new 

  • Clean floors impress clients and provide a better work environment for employees

  • In most cases we can completely avoid the use of chemicals

  • Bacteria and mold will be neutralized 

  • We provide a deep clean that normal cleaning weekly or nightly cleaning cannot achieve

  • The life of your tile, grout, and stone will be extended with periodic deep cleanings

* We service Charleston, Mt. Pleasant and North Charleston.

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