About Pegasus Carpet Cleaning

We created Pegasus carpet cleaning in 2018 with the goal in mind to become Charleston's best carpet cleaning company. Having both children and pets (and also owning a pet care care company since 2009) we've had plenty of practice cleaning carpets over the years. Frustrated with traditional steam cleaning methods, we set out to go a new direction and created Pegasus.


Traditional steam cleaning methods can leave carpet pads wet for up to 24 hours - a less than ideal situation in Charleston's humid conditions. Our state of the art system uses only the necessary amount of moisture (about 10% the amount of steam cleaning) to leave your carpets clean and revitalized with dry times under an hour. You will not have 'wicking' issues (wet dirt and grime traveling up the carpet fiber that often occurs after steam cleaning) and our cleaning methods will leave your carpets cleaner for up to 50% longer than traditional techniques. 

Are you a business owner or property manager with commercial carpet or hard surface areas? We're here to help you create a cleaner and healthier work environment. Our low-moisture system is an environmentally friendly 'green' form of cleaning, it's VOC compliant, and your carpets will be dry in under one hour.

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Brett & Nick Eppehimer